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Citizens’ Policy Confidence and Electoral Punishment: A Neglected Dimension of Electoral Accountability

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Alan S. Gerber, Gregory A. Huber, David Doherty, Conor M. Dowling

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Authors; 2009 CCES

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Suggested citation: “Alan S. Gerber, Gregory A. Huber, David Doherty, Conor M. Dowling (2011), Replication Materials for ‘Citizens’ Policy Confidence and Electoral Punishment: A Neglected Dimension of Electoral Accountability.’ ISPS Data Archive”

Field date: 
November 1, 2009
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The final survey sample is constructed by drawing a target population sample that is representative of the general population on a variety of characteristics (e.g., gender, age, race, income, education, state of residence, party identification) based on the 2005–2007 American Community Study, November 2008 Current Population Survey Supplement, and the 2007 Pew Religious Life Survey. After administering the CCES survey to more respondents than is required, YouGov/Polimetrix used proximity matching to select cases to match to the target sample. Weights were then calculated to adjust the final sample to reflect the national public on these demographic and other characteristics.
Randomization procedure: 
The order of the four policy areas was randomized for each respondent, with the same order maintained throughout the survey for all blocks of questions pertaining to these issues.
Fictional Last Name, Party, and Vote for four policy areas: teen pregnancy, same sex marriage, job creation, and banking regulation.
Treatment administration: 
Survey (vignette)
Outcome measures: 
Support for Representative
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Limor Peer
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