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Changing Minds or Changing Channels? Partisan News in an Age of Choice

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Kevin Arceneaux and Martin Johnson

Research design: 
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Changing Minds or Changing Channels? Partisan News in an Age of Choice, University of Chicago Press

Data source information: 


Pew data: Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, 11/29/2010 8:02:50 PM, “Pew Research Center Poll: 2010 Media Consumption Survey”, Roper Center for Public Opinion Research [Distributor] V1 [Version]

Suggested citation: “Kevin “Arceneaux & Martin Johnson (2013), Replication Materials for ‘Changing Minds or Changing Channels? Partisan News in an Age of Choice,’ ISPS Data Archive.”

Field date: 
January 1, 2009
Location details: 
CA - Riverside (experiments)
Unit of observation: 
Sample size: 
Pew data: 3,006; fall2009FES: 67; fall2009SES: 117; fall2011PPS: 502; fall2011SES: 127; spring2009SES: 182; summer2008FES: 147; summer2009FES: 142; summer2009SES: 120; summer2010PPS:152; winter2009SES: 167
Experimental subjects were either UC Riverside students or non-students recruited from the Riverside community.
Randomization procedure: 
Standard randomization of individuals
Participants were randomly assigned to four conditions: 1. a control condition where participants watched a non-political entertainment option, 2. a forced exposure to pro-attitudinal news, 3. a forced exposure to counter-attitudinal news, 4. a choice condition that included partisan news and an entertainment option
Treatment administration: 
Outcome measures: 
Political attitudes
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Limor Peer
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D105F01 Data file - Ch3_Pew Stata (12.0) .dta 5781504 Download file
D105F02 Data file - fall2009FES Stata (12.0) .dta 9216 Download file
D105F03 Data file - fall2009SES Stata (12.0) .dta 13312 Download file
D105F04 Data file - fall2011PPS Stata (12.0) .dta 39936 Download file
D105F05 Data file - fall2011SES Stata (12.0) .dta 13312 Download file
D105F06 Data file - spring2009SES Stata (12.0) .dta 12288 Download file
D105F07 Data file - summer2008FES Stata (12.0) .dta 8192 Download file
D105F08 Data file - summer2009FES Stata (12.0) .dta 4096 Download file
D105F09 Data file - summer2009SES Stata (12.0) .dta 5120 Download file
D105F10 Data file - summer2010PPS Stata (12.0) .dta 8192 Download file
D105F11 Data file - winter2009SES Stata (12.0) .dta 8192 Download file
D105F12 Data file - winter2010SES Stata (12.0) .dta 17408 Download file
D105F13 Program file - Ch3_pew_replication Stata (12.0) .do 7168 Download file
D105F14 Program file - main analysis Stata (12.0) .do 8192 Download file
D105F15 Program file - cohens_ds Stata (12.0) .do 8192 Download file
D105F16 program file - cohendsd .ado 1024 Download file
D105F17 Output file - main analysis Adobe acrobat (8.0) .pdf 133120 Download file
D105F18 Data file - Ch3_Pew .csv 1268777 Download file
D105F19 Data file - fall2009FES .csv 4096 Download file
D105F20 Data file - fall2009SES .csv 8192 Download file
D105F21 Data file - fall2011PPS .csv 26624 Download file
D105F22 Data file - fall2011SES .csv 6144 Download file
D105F23 Data file - spring2009SES .csv 6144 Download file
D105F24 Data file - summer2008FES .csv 2048 Download file
D105F25 Data file - summer2009FES .csv 4096 Download file
D105F26 Data file - summer2009SES .csv 3072 Download file
D105F27 Data file - summer2010PPS .csv 3072 Download file
D105F28 Data file - winter2009SES .csv 6144 Download file
D105F29 Data file - winter2010SES .csv 10240 Download file
D105F30 Codebook - Ch3_Pew .xml 944128 Download file
D105F31 Codebook - fall2009FES .xml 12288 Download file
D105F32 Codebook - fall2009SES .xml 12288 Download file
D105F33 Codebook - fall2011PPS .xml 24576 Download file
D105F34 Codebook - fall2011SES .xml 21504 Download file
D105F35 Codebook - spring2009SES .xml 17408 Download file
D105F36 Codebook - summer2008FES .xml 12288 Download file
D105F37 Codebook - summer2009FES .xml 4096 Download file
D105F38 Codebook - summer2009SES .xml 3072 Download file
D105F39 Codebook - summer2010PPS .xml 13312 Download file
D105F40 Codebook - winter2009SES .xml 13312 Download file
D105F41 Codebook - winter2010SES .xml 23552 Download file
D105F42 Metadata record Adobe acrobat (8.0) .pdf 194560 Download file