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Michael Sierra-Arévalo

Graduate Student

Michael Sierra-Arévalo

Graduate Student, Sociology

Michael Sierra-Arévalo  received his B.A. in sociology and psychology (high honors) from the University of Texas at Austin. His research interests include urban sociology, race and ethnicity, gangs, social network analysis, violence prevention, and policy implications of gang violence.

Currently, he is involved with Project Longevity, a gang-outreach and gun-violence prevention program being implemented in New Haven by a joint effort between the New Haven Police Department, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, federal law enforcement, local community leaders, and researchers from Yale University and University of New Haven.

Sierra-Arévalo’s research aims to quantitatively analyze the spatial distribution of violent crime in cities, as well as use social network analysis to examine the underlying structure of violent street groups. He is currently developing a research project to examine the motivations for gun ownership among inner-city residents, as well as how guns are acquired and transmitted through social networks in these neighborhoods.

He was in the inaugural 2012-2013 class of Graduate Policy Fellows at ISPS, and currently co-directs the undergraduate Director’s Policy Fellows program at ISPS. 

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