Conference on Voting and Governance

 Conference on Voting and Governance

April 26-28, 2023


Laurent Bouton (Georgetown University)
Adam Meirowitz (Yale University)
Shaoting Pi (Iowa State University)


The goal of this conference is to bring together scholars in Finance, Economics, and Political Economy that study voting with the hope of fostering a deeper understanding of incentives and the degree to which voting effectively aggregates information and/or preferences in a broad set of domains. One goal is to stimulate conversations – and possibly collaborations – that cross disciplinary boundaries.


Yale University, Institution for Social and Policy Studies
77 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511

Schedule Overview

Informal Reception on the evening of April 26
Presentations to begin in the morning of April 27
Conference ends after lunch on April 28
Attendance is by invitation only.

Speakers, Papers and Discussants

Nadya Malenko Creating Controversy in Proxy Voting Advice
Discussant: Hulya Eraslan
Shaoting Pi Information Acquisition Before Voting and Trading
Discussant: Nicola Persico
Gabriel Lopez-Moctezuma Reputation in a Committee with Multiple Principals: The Case of FOMC
Discussant: Dan Bernhardt
Alon Brav Shareholder Monitoring Through Voting: New Evidence from Proxy Contests
Discussant: Matias Iaryczower
Lydia Mechtenberg When Do Proxy Advisors Improve Corporate Decisions?
Discussant: Navin Kartik
Enrichetta Ravina Proxy Voting and The Rise of ESG
Discussant: Nolan McCarty
John Duggan Extreme Agenda Setting Power in Dynamic Bargaining Games
Discussant: Dimitrios Xefteris
Cesar Martinelli Razor-Thin Elections
Discussant: Philip Bond

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