Susan Clark

Faculty Fellow

Susan Clark

Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Adjunct Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Policy Sciences
Yale University

Professor Clark’s primary goal in her research and teaching is to improve conservation of species and ecosystems at professional, scientific, organizational, and policy levels. She has conducted field ecological and behavioral research on thirty-five mammals and other species. She is interested in natural resource policy and management and has conducted research and applied projects, for example, in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to develop ecosystem management policy and in Australia to evaluate endangered species policy (most recently for koalas). She is currently researching conservation policy in Central America. Her work involves building case studies, evaluating policies and programs, helping organizations to incorporate reliable science into management, helping students develop proficiency in the policy sciences method of research and problem solving, and working with a wide range of groups to improve conservation problem solving through workshops and other analytic exercises. She has worked in North America, Australia, Asia, and Central America. Recent books include Averting Extinction: Reconstructing Endangered Species Recovery (1997), Carnivores in Ecosystems: The Yellowstone Experience (1999, co-edited), and Foundations of Natural Resources Policy and Management (2000, co-edited). She is a fellow of Pierson College and has an appointment at the Institution for Social and Policy Studies.

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