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Do Politicians Racially Discriminate Against Constituents? A Field Experiment on State Legislators

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Daniel Butler, David Broockman

Research design: 
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Suggested citation: “Butler, Daniel M. and David E. Broockman (2011) Replication Materials for: ‘Do Politicians Racially Discriminate Against Constituents? A Field Experiment on State Legislators,’;;;;; ISPS Data Archive.”

Field date: 
October 1, 2008
Unit of observation: 
Individuals (State legislators)
Sample size: 
State legislators in 44 U.S. states with valid email addresses that were available online through state legislative websites in September 2008.
Randomization procedure: 
We assigned legislators to treatment groups using block randomization by state, legislative chamber, political party, and whether the legislator was up for reelection.
An email sent to a state legislator. We signaled the race of the email sender by randomizing whether the email was signed by and sent from an email accountwith the name Jake Mueller or the name DeShawn Jackson. We also manipulated the text in order to signal the partisan preference of the email sender.
Treatment administration: 
Outcome measures: 
Whether the state legislator responded at all by November 4, Election Day in 2008.
Archive date: 
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Limor Peer
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