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Title Author(s) Year archivedsort ascending
Ideology, Learning and Policy Diffusion: Experimental Evidence Adam Dynes 2016
The Causal Effects of Elite Position-Taking on Voter Attitudes: Field Experiments with Elite Communication 2016
The (Identification) Cards You Are Dealt: Biased Treatment of Anglos and Latinos Using Municipal-Issued versus Unofficial ID Cards 2016
The 2008 Cooperative Campaign Analysis Project (CCAP) 2016
How Politicians Discount the Opinions of Constituents with Whom They Disagree Adam Dynes 2015
Open Trade, Closed Borders: Immigration in the Era of Globalization Margaret Peters 2015
Editorial Bias in Crowd Sourced Political Information 2015
Do Better Committee Assignments Meaningfully Benefit Legislators? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in the Arkansas State Legislature 2015
Ballot Secrecy Concerns and Voter Mobilization: New Experimental Evidence About Message Source, Context, and the Duration of Mobilization Effects Daniel Biggers, David Hendry 2015
Policy-Induced Risk and Responsive Participation: The Effect of a Son’s Conscription Risk on the Voting Behavior of His Parents 2015
National Service and Civic Engagement: A Natural Experiment Ryan J.B. Garcia 2015
Identifying the Persuasive Effects of Presidential Advertising 2015
Comparing and Combining List and Endorsement Experiments: Evidence from Afghanistan 2015
Changing Minds or Changing Channels? Partisan News in an Age of Choice 2015
Do Perceptions of Ballot Secrecy Influence Turnout? Results from a Field Experiment 2014
Information and Self-Enforcing Democracy: The Role of International Election Observation 2014
Science Deserves Better: The Imperative to Share Complete Replication Files Allan Dafoe 2014
Citizens’ Policy Confidence and Electoral Punishment: A Neglected Dimension of Electoral Accountability 2014
Emails from Official Sources Can Increase Turnout 2014
Long-Term Effect of September 11 on the Political Behavior of Victims’ Families and Neighbors 2014