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Title Author(s) Year archivedsort ascending
Can Learning Constituency Opinion Affect How Legislators Vote? Results from a Field Experiment

Daniel Butler, David Nickerson

A Field Experiment on Legislators' Home Styles: Service versus Policy

Daniel M. Butler, Christopher F. Karpowitz, and Jeremy C. Pope

Do Politicians Racially Discriminate Against Constituents? A Field Experiment on State Legislators

Daniel Butler, David Broockman

Democracy, War, and Wealth Lessons from Two Centuries of Inheritance Taxation

Kenneth Scheve and David Stasavage

Taking Sides in Other People's Elections: The Polarizing Effect of Foreign Intervention

Daniel Corstange and Nikolay Marinov

Comparative Inheritance Taxation Database

Arnd Plagge, Kenneth Scheve, and David Stasavage

Field Experiments Testing the Impact of Radio Advertisements on Electoral Competition

Costas Panagopoulos & Donald P. Green

Timing Is Everything? Primacy and Recency Effects in Voter Mobilization Campaigns

Costas Panagopoulos

The Conscription of Wealth: Mass Warfare and the Demand for Progressive Taxation

Kennth Scheve & David Stasavage

Self-Prophecy Effects and Voter Turnout: An Experimental Replication

Jennifer K. Smith, Alan S. Gerber, Anton Orlich

The Observer Effect in International Politics: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Susan D. Hyde

Does Publicizing a Tax Credit for Political Contributions Increase Its Use?: Results From a Randomized Field Experiment

Robert G. Boatright, Donald P. Green and Michael J. Malbin

Personality Traits and the Consumption of Political Information

Alan S. Gerber, Gregory A. Huber, David Doherty and Conor M. Dowling

Economics and Policy Preferences: Causal Evidence of the Impact of Economic Conditions on Support for Redistribution and Other Ballot Proposals

Eric Brunner, Stephen L. Ross, Ebonya Washington

Observational Learning: Evidence from a Randomized Natural Field Experiment

Hongbin Cai, Yuyu Chen, Hanming Fang

Experimental Justice: Random Judicial Assignment and the Partisan Process of Supreme Court Review

Matthew Hall

Comparing Experimental and Matching Methods Using a Large-Scale Voter Mobilization Experiment

Kevin Arceneaux, Alan S. Gerber, Donald P. Green

Correction to Gerber and Green (2000), Replication of Disputed Findings, and Reply to Imai (2005)

Gerber, Alan S. and Donald P. Green

Testing the Implicit-Explicit Model of Racialized Political Communication

Huber, Gregory A., Lapinski, John S.

The Impact of Electoral Debate on Public Opinions: An Experimental Investigation of the 2005 New York City Mayoral Election

Sendhil Mullainathan, Ebonya Washington and Julia R. Azari