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Voter Attitudes When Democracy Promotion Turns Partisan: Evidence From a Survey-Experiment in Lebanon

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Nikolay Marinov

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Suggested citation: “Marinov, Nikolay (2012) Replication Materials for ”Voter Attitudes When Democracy Promotion Turns Partisan: Evidence From a Survey-Experiment in Lebanon,”;;;; ISPS Data Archive.”

Field date: 
June 1, 2009
Location details: 
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Sample size: 
Randomly selected adults from each of the country’s 30 administrative districts (cazas/qadas), with the sample proportional to the district population size. The pollsters sampled residents of the main town and two randomly selected villages in each district proportional to population size. Interviewers asked for the number of people above 18 in a household, chose the one with the most recent birthday (at the date of interview), and up to three follow-up visits were conducted if the respondent was not home, after which a new household was selected.
Randomization procedure: 
Respondents were assigned randomly to either a control group or one of a number of treatment groups.
A survey prompt which includes a Party treatment, expressing support for a contestant in the elections, and a Process type, expressing support for the democratic process as a whole. The Party treatment reads that the intervening country ‘strongly preferred one side over the other’, whereas the Process treatment read that it ‘supported the democratic process, whatever the outcome of the elections’.
Treatment administration: 
Survey question
Outcome measures: 
Public opinion (satisfaction or disillusionment) with the country in question.
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Limor Peer
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