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Science Deserves Better: The Imperative to Share Complete Replication Files

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Allan Dafoe

Research design: 
Data type: 
Survey; Administrative
Data source(s): 


Data source information: 


(1) Data is of scholars responding to a survey about their experiences trying to replicate published quantitative work.
(2) Observations are articles published in APSR or AJPS in recent years. Variables code whether replication files are available.

Suggested citation: “Dafoe, Allan (2014). Replication Materials for: ‘Science Deserves Better: The Imperative to Share Complete Replication Files,’ ISPS Data Archive.”

Field date: 
December 1, 2013
Unit of observation: 
(1) scholars who attempted replications, (2) published articles
Sample size: 
(1) 190, (2) 342
(1) Three groups of scholars were surveyd about their experiences attempting to replicate statistical studies: students from the author's PhD methods class, students from Gary King’s PhD methods class, and subscribers to the Political Methodology listserve, (2) Data was collected on the availability of replication files for recent publications in the two top political science journals, the American Political Science Review (APSR) since 2010 and the American Journal of Political Science (AJPS) since 2009.
Archive date: 
Archive contributor: 
Limor Peer
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Academic, non-commercial; see ISPS Terms of Use

Area of study: 
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D108F01 ReadMe file .rtf 1024 Download file
D108F02 Data file - rep_data MS Excel .csv 40960 Download file
D108F03 Data file - journals_rep_files MS Excel .csv 74752 Download file
D108F04 Data file - journals_rep_files_tab MS Excel .csv 73728 Download file
D108F05 Data file - journals_rep_files .txt 62464 Download file
D108F06 Data file - journals_rep_files_tab .txt 68608 Download file
D108F07 Codebook - rep_data .xml 15360 Download file
D108F08 Codebook - journals_rep_files .xml 25600 Download file
D108F09 Codebook - journals_rep_files_tab .xml 15360 Download file
D108F10 Program file - fig1 R 9216 Download file
D108F11 Program file - fig2 R 1024 Download file
D108F12 Output File - fig1a Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 28672 Download file
D108F13 Output File - fig1b Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 28672 Download file
D108F14 Output File - fig1-c2 Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 5120 Download file
D108F15 Output File - fig2 Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 5120 Download file
D108F16 Output File - fig2-c1 Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 5120 Download file
D108F17 Output File - fig3 Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 5120 Download file
D108F18 Supplementary Materials .txt 1024 Download file
D108F19 Supplementary Materials - appendix Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 365568 Download file
D108F20 Metadata record Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 209920 Download file