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How Politicians Discount the Opinions of Constituents with Whom They Disagree

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Daniel M. Butler and Adam Dynes

Research design: 
Data type: 
Data source(s): 

Authors; original surveys of state legislators, city officials, and of Mturk respondents

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Suggested citation: “Daniel M. Butler & Adam Dynes (2015), Replication materials for ‘How Politicians Discount the Opinions of Constituents with Whom They Disagree,’ ISPS Data Archive.”

Field date: 
June 1, 2012
Unit of observation: 
Sample size: 
State legislators=502; City officials=1,756; MTurkers=1,609
Public officials who responded to an email invitation to take the survey and Amazon MTurk workers who responded to an opportunity to take our survey.
Randomization procedure: 
The randomization occurred within the Qualtrics survey software
Vignettes of whether the official agreed or disagreed with the position in a hypothetical letter.
Treatment administration: 
Outcome measures: 
Ratings of the letter
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Limor Peer
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D126F01 ReadMe File Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 58159 Download file
D126F02 Data - State Stata (13.0) .dta 268493 Download file
D126F03 Data - City Stata (13.0) .dta 807345 Download file
D126F04 Data - Mturk Stata (13.0) .dta 11895 Download file
D126F05 Data - Replication Stata (13.0) .dta 233839 Download file
D126F06 Data - State .csv 246672 Download file
D126F07 Data - City .csv 246672 Download file
D126F08 Data - Mturk .csv 304939 Download file
D126F09 Data - Replication .csv 11076 Download file
D126F10 Program Stata (13.0) .do 34482 Download file
D126F11 Program - labels Stata (13.0) .do 4690 Download file
D126F12 Codebook Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 104070 Download file
D126F13 Codebook - State .xml 26461 Download file
D126F14 Codebook - City .xml 31500 Download file
D126F15 Codebook - Mturk .xml 29904 Download file
D126F16 Codebook - Replication .xml 29568 Download file
D126F17 Metadata File Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 98609 Download file