Political Science

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Dahl Scholar, 2023-2024

Sean Brady (he/they) from Nashville, Tennessee, is an Eli Whitney Scholar majoring in political science. Collaborating with Professor Joshua Kalla, Sean is running a survey experiment examining the persuasive and agenda setting powers of disruptive protests. Previously, Sean worked on various political campaigns nationwide, including as an outreach director for city council and senate campaigns, and as an organizer on the Clinton Presidential campaign.

Graduate Student, Political Science

Email: lara.chausow@yale.edu

Lara Chausow is a graduate student who studies American Politics, with a focus on Congress, lobbying, and interest groups. Prior to entering graduate school, she conducted research and advocacy for government ethics and campaign finance reform at Public Citizen in Washington, DC.

Alexandra Cirone
Visiting Faculty Fellow

Alexandra Cirone is an assistant professor in the Government department at Cornell University.

For academic year 23-24, she is visiting Yale as a faculty fellow in the ISPS Democratic Innovations program, and an assistant professor in the Political Science Department. Here, she is researching the use of lottocratic selection in democracy as well as how polarization affects willingness to participate in modern day citizens’ assemblies.

Alex Coppock
Associate Professor of Political Science

Alexander Coppock is Assistant Professor of Political Science and a resident fellow of the Institution for Social Policy Studies and Center for the Study of American Politics. He received his Ph. D. in political science from Columbia University (2016). His principal research interest lies in political persuasion and its implications for the malleability of public opinion in the context of elections. His interests extend beyond persuasion to the design and analysis of randomized experiments.

Ana De La O
Associate Professor of Political Science

Ana De La O Torres is an associate professor of political science and in the Institution for Social and Policy Studies, with affiliations at the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies, and the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. Her research relates to the political economy of poverty alleviation, clientelism, and the provision of public goods.

Kevin DeLuca
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Kevin DeLuca is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and resident fellow at the Institution for Social and Policy Studies. His research interests include political economy and political representation, with a focus on elections, election laws, and the role of the media in the political process.

Danil Dmitriev
Postdoctoral Associate

Danil Dmitriev is a Postdoctoral Associate with the Democratic Innovations program at Yale’s Institution for Social and Policy Studies. He received a Ph.D. in economics from the University of California, San Diego in 2023. His research interests lie in microeconomic theory, particularly in the areas of political economy, organizational economics, and social learning.

Amir Fairdosi
Lecturer in Political Science, Associate Research Scholar at the Center for the Study of American Politics

Amir Shawn Fairdosi is a Lecturer in Political Science and an Associate Research Scholar at the Center for the Study of American Politics.  He teaches classes on American politics, legislative procedure, and political socialization.  His current research examines how political institutions influence political attitudes and behavior.

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ISPS Graduate Policy Fellow 2024

Tylir Fowler is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Political Science. His research interests are in political economy, history, and formal political theory with a focus on democratic backsliding, populism, backlash against globalisation and migration, and the politics of financial crises.

Alan Gerber, photo by Mara Lavitt
Sterling Professor of Political Science

Alan Gerber is Sterling Professor of Political Science, director of the Institution for Social and Policy Studies, and professor of economics and of and statistics and data science at Yale University. He also has affiliations in the Yale School of Public Health and the Jackson School of Global Affairs. Previously he was appointed the Faculty of Arts and Sciences divisional director for the social sciences and became the inaugural FAS dean of social science, serving in this role from 2014 to 2021.

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