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Title Author(s) Year archivedsort ascending
Active Maintenance: A Proposal for the Long-term Computational Reproducibility of Scientific Results

Limor Peer, Lilla Orr, Alexander Coppock

Racial Resentment, Prejudice, and Discrimination

Kyle Peyton, Gregory Huber

Changes in Candidate Evaluations over the Campaign Season: A Comparison of House, Senate, and Presidential Races

Patrick D. Tucker and Steven S. Smith

The Small Effects of Political Advertising are Small Regardless of Context, Message, Sender, or Receiver: Evidence From 59 Real-time Randomized Experiments

Seth J. Hill, Lynn Vavreck, Alexander Coppock

When to Worry about Sensitivity Bias: A Social Reference Theory and Evidence from 30 Years of List Experiments

Graeme Blair, Alexander Coppock, and Maggie Moor

Exploiting Donald Trump: Using Candidates' Positions to Assess Ideological Voting in the 2016 and 2008 Presidential Elections

Andrew Gooch, Gregory Huber

Do Subtle Linguistic Interventions Priming a Social Identity as a Voter Have Outsized Effects on Voter Turnout? Evidence from a New Replication Experiment

Gregory Huber, Al Fang, Alan S. Gerber

Japanese Public Opinion, Political Persuasion, and the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Jonathon Baron, Rebecca Davis Gibbons, Stephen Herzog

Identifying the Persuasive Effects of Presidential Advertising

Kevin Arceneaux, Gregory Huber

A Field Experiment on Community Policing and Police Legitimacy

David Rand, Kyle Peyton, Michael Sierra-Arevalo

Can the Backlash Against Voter ID Laws Activate Minority Voters? Experimental Evidence Examining Voter Mobilization Through Psychological Reactance

Daniel Biggers

Does the Media Matter? A Field Experiment Measuring the Effect of Newspapers on Voting Behavior and Political Opinions

Daniel Bergen, Alan S. Gerber, Dean Karlan

Recruitment and Perceptions of Gender Bias in Party Leader Support

Daniel Butler, Jessica Preece

Inequity Aversion and the International Distribution of Trade Protection

Xiaobo Lü, Matthew J. Slaughter, Kenneth Scheve

Democratic and Republican Physicians Provide Different Care on Politicized Health Issues

Matthew Goldenberg, Eitan Hersh

Field Experiments and the Study of Voter Turnout

Green, Donald P., Mary C. McGrath, & Peter M. Aronow

A Note on Dropping Experimental Subjects who Fail a Manipulation Check

Jonathon Baron, Peter Aronow, Lauren Pinson

How Do Public Goods Providers Play Public Goods Games?

Daniel Butler, Thad Kousser

Ideologically Extreme Candidates in U.S. Presidential Elections, 1948-2012

Mary McGrath, John Zaller, Marty Cohen, Peter Aronow

Did Shy Trump Supporters Bias the 2016 Polls? Evidence from a Nationally-representative List Experiment

Alexander Coppock