Democratic Innovations Workshop

Democratic Innovations is a new interdisciplinary ISPS program bringing together social scientists from a variety of fields to think about the factors that affect government policy and decision-making, and to analyze novel institutions that might support improvements in representation and government performance.  This workshop features the presentation of current research that tests innovative ideas for improving the quality of democratic representation and governance.

The workshop will meet in person or on Zoom on selected Fridays from 12:00-1:15 p.m.  In person workshops will meet in Room A002 at ISPS, 77 Prospect Street.

This workshop is open to the Yale community only.  To receive regular announcements, please subscribe to the Democratic Innovations Workshop at the link below:


Faculty Organizer: Alan Gerber, Sterling Professor of Political Science and Director of ISPS

Workshop Coordinator and Contact: Kira Wishart

2022-2023 Schedule

date speaker & title
OCT 14 Andrew Hall, Professor of Political Economics, Stanford Graduate School of Business
“Building Democracies for Online Platforms”
Virtual workshop on Zoom
DEC 2 Ian Turner, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Yale University
Motivated Reasoning and Democratic Accountability
FEB 3 Peter Buisseret, Assistant Professor in Government, Harvard University
Politics Transformed? Electoral Competition under Ranked Choice Voting
FEB 24 Michael Pomirchy, Postdoctoral Associate, ISPS Democratic Innovations, Yale University
“Electoral Accountability and Representation: A Natural Experiment in State Legislatures”
MAR 31 Kaylyn Jackson Schiff, Postdoctoral Associate, ISPS Democratic Innovations, Yale University
“Narratives and Facts in Advocacy Campaigns: An Experiment to Assess the Effectiveness of Active Transportation Advocacy”
APR 21 Alex Coppock, Associate Professor of Political Science, Yale University
“Persuasion in Parallel: How Information Changes Minds about Politics”
Special workshop event and book talk cosponsored by ISPS and CSAP
MAY 4* Emily Hanford, Senior Correspondent/Producer, American Public Media
“How Teaching Kids to Read Went So Wrong”
*This virtual workshop event is meeting on Thursday, May 4 at 4:00 pm