ISPS sponsors various programs on campus, all with the aim of supporting and enhancing interdisciplinary research in the social sciences at Yale.

American Political Economy eXchange

The American Political Economy Exchange (APEX) was founded in 2023 to spark research and thinking about American political economy at Yale. Housed within Yale’s Institution for Social and Policy Studies, APEX is dedicated to the study of American democratic capitalism — the analysis of the...

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Democratic Innovations

We live in an age of innovation and experimentation. The companies that dominated our economy just three decades ago have declined or collapsed, eclipsed by tech giants that have transformed how we work, shop, and communicate. In contrast, our political institutions have remained very static. Many...

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Center for the Study of Inequality

Launched in February 2015 on the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, the ISPS Center for the Study of Inequality (I-CSI) seeks to promote high-quality, multi-disciplinary research on the relationship between economic inequality and American political life. I-CSI moves politics from the...

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ISPS Fellowships

  ISPS supports four fellowship programs for Yale students. The fellowships are designed to prepare graduate and undergraduate students from across the disciplines to contribute to domestic policy discussions in the United States. ISPS Graduate Policy Fellows The Yale ISPS Policy Fellows Program...

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