American Political Economy eXchange

ISPS logo with APEX acronym for American Political Economy eXchange

The American Political Economy Exchange (APEX) was founded in 2023 to spark research and thinking about American political economy at Yale. Housed within Yale’s Institution for Social and Policy Studies, APEX is dedicated to the study of American democratic capitalism — the analysis of the interplay of markets and government in the United States.

American Political Economy is an increasingly vibrant domain of study within political science. APEX is part of the Consortium on American Political Economy (CAPE), founded in 2020 with the support of the Hewlett Foundation. In 2022, American Political Economy became organized section of the American Political Science Association, the discipline’s leading professional body.

At a time of fierce debates about and wrenching changes in the U.S. economy, APEX encourages deeper exploration of economic governance within America’s multi-venue, multi-level polity. Its mission is to connect scholars at Yale (and beyond) who are studying the American political economy; to encourage, support, and disseminate research and publications by these scholars, including postdoctoral fellows and graduate students; and to make Yale a key hub for the booming APE subfield within political science.

APEX is directed by Jacob S. Hacker, Stanley Resor Professor of Political Science at Yale, ISPS resident fellow, and faculty co-director of the Ludwig Program for Public Leadership at Yale Law School.

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