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About ISPS Research Funding


Applicants must be full-time Yale faculty, Postdoctoral fellows, or doctoral students enrolled in a graduate degree program in the Yale Graduate School or a Yale professional school. We especially encourage proposals from ISPS-affiliated faculty and researchers.

ISPS encourages early career faculty and researchers to apply for this funding, although we will consider proposals from faculty and researchers at all career stages.

U.S. citizenship is not required.

Eligible Activities

ISPS supports direct research cost only (e.g., research materials, staff costs, and equipment). ISPS will not cover costs associated with faculty salary or institutional overhead.

Award Amount

The typical award is between US$10,000-$15,000, and the maximum award varies by ISPS funding initiative. The award covers research materials, staff costs, and equipment (direct cost only). ISPS will not cover costs associated with faculty salary, other compensation, or institutional overhead. Smaller pilot projects are welcome. Grant awards have a term date of two years, at which time any unused funds will be returned to ISPS. PIs may request a no-cost extension.

For projects that qualify for funding from other Yale institutions, applicants must show evidence of an attempt to share the expense with these other sources. Applicants from the professional schools should show that they have applied and failed to receive support for their project from these sources before they apply for ISPS funding. If your project has funding from external sources, please register with Yale’s Office of Sponsored Projects.

Yale graduate students: Please consult this list of selected sources of research funding at Yale: The Leitner Program, The MacMillan Center, The Jackson School of Global Affairs, Yale Student Grants Database. For other information, see Student Grants & Fellowships.

Project Period

Grants are typically designed to cover a 1- or 2-year project, with an expectation that at least one publication-quality research report will emerge within 3 years.

ISPS Procedures

Yale faculty, postdocs, students, and staff must adhere to university policies and all Federal and State laws.

Before Applying

Please inquire with Limor Peer (limor.peer(at) with any questions.

Before Funds are Released

You will be asked to provide the following documents:

  • Data Management Plan. Information about how data will be collected, stored, secured, analyzed, disseminated, and preserved over the lifecycle of a research project (up to 1 page). More information is available from the Yale University Library.
  • Open Research Plan. Information about how the researcher plans to make all outputs of the research as open and accessible as possible. Includes pre-registration, data and code sharing and archiving, reproducibility checks (up to 1 page). More information is available from the Turing Way.
  • Human Subjects Research. A copy of the approved request to the Human Subjects Committee, upon receipt, if human subjects will be used. We also urge researchers to consult the ethics statements of their respective disciplines. Yale University policy requires that certain types of research projects involving human subjects be reviewed by an Institutional Review Board prior to the start of the study to ensure that the project meets University Policy and any other applicable regulations. If your project will require an IRB, you must receive approval before engaging in the research and provide it to Christina Butler, ISPS Operations Manager (, before drawing down funds from your award. To see if your project needs to be reviewed, for advice on working with human subjects, and for more information about the IRB process and requirements, go to the Yale University Human Research Protection Program website.

Yale Policies: Please review all other relevant University Policies & Procedures including the Research Data and Materials Policy.

At the Start of the Project

Upon receipt of ISPS research funding, ISPS requires the following:

  • ISPS account. Contact the ISPS Business Office to set up an account for your research project.
  • Contracts. Yale faculty and students may not personally sign a contract to be paid with university funds. Contracts for the purchase of goods or services from an outside vendor must be signed by an authorized Yale purchasing agent before the work begins. All other agreements with third parties involving research conducted at Yale (such as a Data Use Agreement, Statement of Work, or a Confidentiality Agreement; see information about contracts at Yale and contract FAQs) must be similarly reviewed and signed by the appropriate authorized Yale agent before the work begins to ensure it is in accordance with ISPS requirements, Yale policies, and federal, state, and local laws. For all research, regardless of funding source, we recommend using the Office of General Counsel’s Signature Authority Tool to determine who has authority to review and sign an agreement (login required).
  • Purchasing. All ISPS researchers must consult university policies and standard purchasing methods to ensure compliance with all Federal and State Laws. Please consult the Business Office before entering into any contract or agreement with vendors or collaborators (see above). The business office will obtain goods and services through proper University channels, usually through a purchase requisition process in SciQuest.

Upon Completion of the Project

Upon completion of the research, ISPS requests:

  • Data Archiving. PIs are required to provide to ISPS,
    • A complete final data set (will be kept in a secure, proprietary data archive unless the data can be publicly shared)
    • Cleaning and analysis code
    • Supplementary materials (such as codebook, printed treatment materials, etc.)

ISPS is committed to making research as FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) as possible. ISPS-funded projects will include a statement describing plans to archive data and code or a brief statement explaining why sharing or archiving the data is not possible. The ISPS Data Archive is repository for digital files associated with scholarly studies conducted by ISPS-affiliated researchers, including data, code, and associated materials underlying the published results. ISPS helps you fulfill open data requirement and provides pre-publication data curation and code review services.

  • Research report. PIs are requested to provide a brief report to the ISPS director regarding research progress, outcomes, and disposition of the awarded funds. PIs are also expected to work with ISPS communication director to disseminate the research.
  • Acknowledging ISPS. Please acknowledge ISPS with the following language when publicizing or presenting your research results: “This research was supported by a grant from the Institution for Social and Policy Studies at Yale University.”

**Updated July, 2024**