ISPS Conference Support

The Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS) has funds available to support conferences on important social and public policy issues.

Our priority is to support multidisciplinary engagement with issues and themes that span multiple disciplines or schools. ISPS focuses on domestic social issues and public policy and encourages proposals consistent with this focus. We also welcome proposals for conferences that include a substantial component on the United States but treat the United States in comparative perspective or cover themes with broader implications.

Examples of recent ISPS supported conferences include:
Environmental Joy (October 2023)
Understanding White Christian Nationalism (September 2022)
Justice and Injustice (August 2022)

If you would like to apply for funding, please submit a brief proposal (500 words) that includes a description of the event and its goals, the Yale faculty leaders of the event and expected Yale participation, anticipated external participation, and a target date for the event. Please also include a budget for the conference, and a funding request (ISPS will typically consider requests for funding up to $25,000).

Please send your proposal to Kira Wishart at with the subject heading “ISPS conference proposal” (cc:

UPDATE: Please submit the proposal by April 5, 2024 for a response by end of April, 2024.