Team directory

Team directory

Julia Adams, Professor of Sociology and International and Area Studies

Julia Adams teaches and conducts research in the areas of state formation; gender and family; social theory; early modern European politics, and colonialism and empire. She is currently studying large-scale forms of patriarchal politics and the historical sociology of agency relations. She was previously the Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Michigan.

Rene Almeling, Associate Professor of Sociology

Rene Almeling’s research and teaching interests are at the intersection of gender, medicine, and economics. Her book, Sex Cells: The Medical Market for Eggs and Sperm (University of California Press, 2011), received the Best Book Award from the Body and Embodiment Section of the American Sociological Association and the Diana Forsythe Prize from the American Anthropological Association.

Rayan Alsemeiry, Yale College, Global Affairs and Human Rights

Rayan Alsemeiry is a third-year student in Global Affairs and Human Rights (a Multidisciplinary Academic Program coordinated by Yale Law). At an early age, Rayan immigrated from the Middle East to Arizona, where his family was the target of violent threats that prompted his father to flee the United States. Over the following years and for a majority of his childhood, Rayan, his mother, and his sisters were homeless, alternating between motels, parking lots, shared homes, and shelters.

Anne Alstott,

Anne Alstott is the Jacquin D. Bierman Professor in Taxation at Yale Law School. An expert in taxation and social policy, she was named a professor at Yale Law School in 1997 and originally named the Jacquin D. Bierman Professor of Taxation in 2004. She served as deputy dean in 2002 and 2004 and has won the Yale Law Women teaching award three times. From 2008 to 2011, she was the Manley O. Hudson Professor of Law at Harvard Law School.

Joseph Altonji

Joseph Altonji, Thomas DeWitt Cuyler Professor of Economics

Joseph G. Altonji is currently the Thomas DeWitt Cuyler Professor of Economics at Yale University. He previously held faculty positions at Columbia and Northwestern and has served as a visiting professor at Princeton and Harvard. Altonji specializes in labor economics and applied econometrics. His interests include labor market fluctuations, labor supply, consumption behavior, the economics of education, economic links among family members, race and gender in the labor market, wage determination, and econometric methods.

Peter Aronow, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Peter M. Aronow is Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. His research interests include quantitative methods and political economy. His work has appeared in Biometrika and the Journal of Politics.

Curriculum Vitae

Vivekinan Ashok, Graduate Student, Political Science

Vivekinan (Vivek) L. Ashok is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Political Science. He studies American politics, political economy, and methodology. In addition, Vivek manages the ISPS Behavioral Research Lab.

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Kate Baldwin

Kate Baldwin, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Kate Baldwin is the Peter Strauss Family assistant professor of political science. She studies the political economy of developing countries, with a regional focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Her current research projects analyze politics in weak states. In these contexts, she is interested in how community-level institutions – such as traditional leaders and NGOs – interact with the national state to affect development, democracy and conflict.

Deborah Beim, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Deborah Beim is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and a Resident Faculty Fellow of the Institution for Social Policy Studies and Center for the Study of American Politics. She studies judicial politics and applied formal theory.  Her current research focuses on communication and doctrinal development in the Courts of Appeals. 

Curriculum vitae

Ravi Bhalla, Co-Director of ISPS Director's Fellows

Ravi Bhalla is a 2L at Yale Law School. He graduated summa cum laude from Columbia University with a degree in economics-mathematics and philosophy, and, prior to law school, spent two years working for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Financial Stability Oversight Council. At Yale, he is the Executive Managing Editor of the Yale Journal on Regulation, a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Economics and the Membership Chair of the South Asian Law Students Association.