Team directory: M

Team directory: M

2019 Director's Fellow

Gabriel Malek, Yale College

Gabriel Malek is an American Studies and Environmental Anthropology double major in Timothy Dwight college. He is interested in studying how metropolitan public policy can encourage investment in urban climate adaptation, and has investigated city resilience as an intern at the Kinder Institute for Urban Research and the Environmental Defense Fund. At Yale, Gabriel explores the intersection of sustainable finance and municipal governance in leading the Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investment Fund and the Yale Roosevelt Institute, Yale’s undergraduate public policy think tank.

Dan Markovits

Daniel Markovits, Guido Calabresi Professor of Law at Yale Law School

Daniel Markovits is the Guido Calabresi Professor of Law at Yale Law School.  He works in the philosophical foundations of private law, moral and political philosophy, and behavioral economics.

2019 Director's Fellow

William Marks, Yale College

Will Marks is a junior in Davenport College studying History and Political Science. He is interested in the intersection of technology and human rights, especially online. He currently works remotely for the Center for the Governance of AI, which is housed by the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, and spent the summer interning at Privacy International, an organization focused on challenging state and corporate surveillance. Will is Vice President of the Junior Class, a student fellow at the Information Society Project, and is involved with Camp Kesem.

Theodore Marmor, Professor Emeritus of Political Science

Ted Marmor’s scholarship primarily concerns welfare state politics and policy in North America and Western Europe. He particularly emphasizes the major spending programs, which is reflected in the second edition of The Politics of Medicare (Aldine de Gruyter, 2000) and the book written with colleagues Mashaw and Harvey in the early 1990s, America’s Misunderstood Welfare State (Basic Books, 1992).
2019 Director's Fellow

Elias Mastakouris, Yale College

Elias Mastakouris is a junior studying political science with interests in political philosophy, international security, and public corruption reform. In the past, Elias has worked in the New York City Mayor’s budget office, the New Haven Board of Alders, and Capitol Hill. On campus, Elias is the president of the Peace & Dialogue Leadership Initiative, a Yale-West Point foreign policy initiative and a research assistant in military history.

Sterling Professor of Political Science

David Mayhew, Sterling Professor of Political Science

David Mayhew is Sterling Professor Emeritus of Political Science.

First cohort ISPS Dahl Scholar

William McGrew, Dahl Scholar, 2015 - 2016

As a Dahl Scholar, Will McGrew helped ISPS Director Jacob Hacker with the research, sourcing, and editing for his book American Amnesia: How the War on Government Led Us to Forget What Made America Prosper.  He also completed an independent research project on the effects of social segregation by gender in American colleges on intergroup biases, rates of sexual violence on campus, and professional disparities after graduation. 

Torey McMurdo, Graduate Student, Political Science

Torey McMurdo is a Ph.D. student in political science, focusing on U.S. foreign policy and international security. Her interests lie at the nexus of international relations, American politics and comparative politics. Her ISPS research examines Congressional oversight of the NSA, and whether this differs from the rest of the Intelligence Community. In addition to ISPS, McMurdo also serves as a Resident Fellow at Yale Law School’s Information Society Project, and a Graduate Affiliate at Davenport College.

Tracey Meares

Tracey Meares, Walton Hale Hamilton Professor of Law

Tracey L. Meares is Walton Hale Hamilton Professor at Yale Law School. Before arriving at Yale Law School, she was Max Pam Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Studies in Criminal Justice at the University of Chicago Law School. She has held positions clerking for the Honorable Harlington Wood, Jr., of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and as a trial attorney in the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice.

ISPS Dahl Scholar Sarah Merchant

Sarah Merchant, Dahl Scholar, 2016 - 2017

As a Dahl Scholar, Sarah Merchant worked with ISPS Director Jacob Hacker and built off of the research she did for her thesis where she studied the Black-white wealth gap in the US over time and looked at how the gap was affected by the 2008 housing crisis.  She then extended this national analysis to the state-level by looking at the racial differences in foreclosures in Connecticut and describing the role of racial differences in high-cost loans in creating racial disparities in foreclosures.