Team directory: H

Team directory: H

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Theo Haaks, ISPS Director's Fellow 2023

Theo Haaks is a junior in Branford College from eastern Wisconsin. As a political science major with an interdisciplinary concentration in urbanism, he is interested in affordable housing policy, land use law, and sustainable public infrastructure in both urban and rural settings. He has served as a legislative intern in Congress and has interned with New Haven City Plan and the New York City Housing Authority. At Yale, Haaks is a Dwight Hall urban fellow for DesegregateCT and a student co-coordinator for First-year Outdoor Orientation Trips (FOOT).

Jacob Hacker

Jacob S. Hacker, Stanley B. Resor Professor of Political Science

Jacob S. Hacker is Stanley Resor Professor of Political Science, Co-Director of the Ludwig Program in Public Sector Leadership at Yale Law School, and a resident fellow of the Institution for Social and Policy Studies at Yale University.

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Hope Harrington, ISPS Graduate Policy Fellow 2023

Hope Harrington is joint J.D./Ph.D student at Yale Law School and the social psychology program at Yale. She studies the factors that weaken people’s trust in publicly funded institutions and how to mitigate these. Broadly speaking, her work examines the relationship between judgements of institutions and the behavior of constituent members.

Allison Harris

Allison Harris, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Allison P. Harris is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Yale University and a Resident Faculty Fellow at the Institution of Social and Policy Studies. She conducts research in American politics with a specialization in law and courts. Professor Harris’ current research agenda investigates the ways in which institutional change affects disparities in institutional outcomes, specifically within the criminal legal system.

Rick Harrison

Rick Harrison, Communications Officer

Office Location: 87 Trumbull Street
For media inquiries, please contact Rick at or 203-432-6052.

Daniel HoSang

Daniel HoSang, Professor of Ethnicity, Race, and Migration and American Studies

Daniel Martinez HoSang is Professor of Ethnicity Race and Migration and American Studies and holds a secondary appointment in the Department of Political Science and serves on the Education Studies Advisory Committee.

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Zoe Hsu, ISPS Director's Fellow 2023

Zoe Hsu is a junior in Berkeley College studying political science. She is passionate about socioeconomic justice within the criminal legal system. Hsu previously served as student body vice president, advocating for financial equity at Yale.

Gregory Huber, photo by Mara Lavitt

Gregory Huber, Chair of the Political Science Department at Yale; Forst Family Professor of Political Science; Director, ISPS Behavioral Lab

Gregory Huber, Ph.D., Princeton University 2001, is the Forst Family Professor of Political Science, a resident fellow of the Institution for Social and Policy Studies, Associate Director of the Center for the Study of American Politics, and founding director of the ISPS Behavioral Research Lab.

John Eric Humphries

John Eric Humphries, Assistant Professor of Economics

John Eric Humphries is a labor economist who focuses on topics in education, housing, and policy evaluation. His work in education studies how educational and career dynamics are affected by public policy. Much of this work focuses on how policy affects the acquisition of human capital and the role of cognitive and non-cognitive skills in the labor market. His work on housing focuses on the the impacts of eviction on tenants and the rental market. You can read more about his research at