Team directory: C

Team directory: C

Lara Chausow, Graduate Student, Political Science


Lara Chausow is a graduate student who studies American Politics, with a focus on Congress, lobbying, and interest groups. Prior to entering graduate school, she conducted research and advocacy for government ethics and campaign finance reform at Public Citizen in Washington, DC.

Xi Chen, Assistant Professor, School of Public Health

Professor Chen is a health and development economist. He recently completed his Ph.D. in applied economics at Cornell. His research seeks to better understand how social interactions affect health behavior and outcomes, how socioeconomic status drives social competition. Most of his current work draws on primary data from China.

Curriculum Vitae

Serena Cho, Yale College

Serena Cho is a junior majoring in Ethics, Politics & Economics. She is interested in philosophy of language and communication, and how these ideologies bear on arguments about free speech and information regulation. She hopes to research ani-fake news initiatives and regulations for social media platforms. Serena enjoys reporting and serves as the managing editor of the Yale Daily News.

Nicholas Christakis, Sterling Professor

Nicholas Christakis, Sterling Professor of Social and Natural Science, Internal Medicine & Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Nicholas Christakis is Sterling Professor of Social and Natural Science, Internal Medicine & Biomedical Engineering, and he conducts research on social factors that affect health, health care, and longevity. Dr. Christakis was recently recruited to Yale from Harvard, where he is the Director of the Human Nature Lab and the Co-Director of the Yale Institute for Network Science. His current work involves the application of network science and mathematical models to understand the dynamics of health in longitudinally evolving networks.

Susan Clark, Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Adjunct Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Policy Sciences

Professor Clark’s primary goal in her research and teaching is to improve conservation of species and ecosystems at professional, scientific, organizational, and policy levels. She has conducted field ecological and behavioral research on thirty-five mammals and other species. She is interested in natural resource policy and management and has conducted research and applied projects, for example, in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to develop ecosystem management policy and in Australia to evaluate endangered species policy (most recently for koalas).

Patrice Collins,

Patrice D. Collins is a PhD candidate in the department of Sociology.  Her research focuses on urban ethnography, parental incarceration, and social and racial inequality.

Jason Contino

Jason Contino, Yale College

Jason Contino is a junior in Benjamin Franklin College majoring in sociology with a concentration in health. He is mainly interested in drug policy, with a focus on studying the effects that different treatment modalities have on people who use opioids, as well as labor policy and legislation protecting and empowering the right to collective bargaining in the workplace. Jason is currently Co-President of A Leg Even (a first-generation/low-income student group on campus), and has previously been involved with Matriculate.

Zack Cooper, Associate Professsor

Zack Cooper, Associate Professor of Public Health and Economics (On sabbatical Fall 2020 and Spring 2021)

Zack Cooper is an Associate Professor of Health Policy and of Economics at Yale University where he also serves as director of Health Policy at the school’s Institution for Social and Policy Studies. Professor Cooper is a health economist whose work is focused on producing data-driven scholarship that can inform public policy. In his academic work, he has analyzed the impact of competition in hospital and insurance markets, studied the influence of price transparency on consumer behavior, and examined the influence of electoral politics on health care spending growth.

Alexander Coppock, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Alexander Coppock is Assistant Professor of Political Science and a resident fellow of the Institution for Social Policy Studies and Center for the Study of American Politics. He received his Ph. D. in political science from Columbia University (2016). His principal research interest lies in political persuasion and its implications for the malleability of public opinion in the context of elections. His interests extend beyond persuasion to the design and analysis of randomized experiments.