Team directory: B

Team directory: B

Kate Baldwin

Kate Baldwin, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Kate Baldwin is the Peter Strauss Family assistant professor of political science. She studies the political economy of developing countries, with a regional focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Her current research projects analyze politics in weak states. In these contexts, she is interested in how community-level institutions – such as traditional leaders and NGOs – interact with the national state to affect development, democracy and conflict.

Sociology phd Roger Baumann

Roger Baumann,

Roger Baumann is a PhD candidate in Sociology at Yale University. His work focuses on intersections of racial and religious identity in global social movements. As an ISPS Graduate Policy Fellow, Roger will be writing on racial and religious solidarities linking African Americans with Israel and Palestine.

Dahl Scholar, Katharine Berman

Katharine Berman, Dahl Scholar, 2018 - 2019

As a Dahl Scholar, Katharine Berman works with Assistant Professor of Political Science Kate Balwin on the influence of religion on climate policy debates. Kat is a political science major in the Yale Class 2020. Her independent project asks “under what conditions do religious organizations advocate for the environment?” and she hopes to address how different theologies and different environmental or geographic differences connect to environmental advocacy.

Victoria Bilski, Communications Manager

Office Location: 89 Trumbull Street
Phone: 203-432-3829

 Victoria (Tory) Bilski manages all internal and external communications efforts related to ISPS.  

Scott Bokemper, Postdoctoral Resident Associate

Scott Bokemper (Ph.D., Stony Brook University, 2017) is a Postdoctoral Associate at the Institution for Social and Policy Studies and the Center for the Study of American Politics. He uses experimental methods to address questions related to poverty, inequality, social policy, and cooperation. He is also interested in designing and programming novel economic games.

2019 Director's Fellow

Esul Burton, Yale College

Esul Burton is a junior majoring in Political Science. At Yale, her scholarship has concerned racial justice and civil rights, with a particular focus on the criminal justice system in the United States. She was formerly the legislative coordinator of the Yale College Democrats, where she advocated for legislation expanding youthful offender protections to defendants under the age of 21.