What You See and What You Get: Direct and Indirect Political Dividends of Public Policies

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Bueno, N., Zucco, C., & Nunes, F. (2023). Replication Materials for: ‘What You See and What You Get: Direct and Indirect Political Dividends of Public Policies.’ http://hdl.handle.net/10079/d6fd3eb6-4cc0-4e87-8b7e-ffb2770e5cd4. ISPS Data Archive.


Cesar Zucco, Natalia Bueno, Felipe Nunes

Research design: 
Data type: 
Survey data; administrative data; qualitative data
Data source(s): 

Described in the Online Appendix.

Field Date: 
Location details: 
Unit of observation: 
Sample size: 
It depends on the analysis.
Residents of Brazil
Randomization procedure: 
It depends on the analysis.
It depends on the analysis.
Treatment administration: 
Outcome measures: 
Support,program evaluation,electoral performance
Archive date: 
Terms of use: 

ISPS Data Archive: Terms of Use

Area of study: 
Data file numbersort descending Description File format Size File url
D196F01 README .txt 9728 Download file
D196F02 Cleaned data (municipality/local election cycle) .rdata 746429 Download file
D196F02.1 Cleaned data (municipality/local election cycle) .csv 3805940 Download file
D196F03 Cleaned data (municipality/presidential election cycle) .rdata 1025824 Download file
D196F03.1 Cleaned data (municipality/presidential election cycle) .csv 5326660 Download file
D196F04 Data (units delivered) .rdata 25289 Download file
D196F04.1 Data (units delivered) .csv 78124 Download file
D196F05 Survey data (Wave 1) .rda 59154 Download file
D196F05.1 Survey data (Wave 1) .csv 318152 Download file
D196F06 Survey data (Wave 2) .rda 156212 Download file
D196F06.1 Survey data (Wave 2) .csv 842094 Download file
D196F07 Data (Wave 1) .rda 224682 Download file
D196F07.1 Data (Wave 1) .csv 1045811 Download file
D196F08 Data (Wave 1) .rda 25699 Download file
D196F08.1 Data (Wave 1) .csv 145251 Download file
D196F09 Data (Wave 2) .rda 567898 Download file
D196F09.1 Data (Wave 2) .csv 2188817 Download file
D196F10 Data (Wave 2) .rda 88621 Download file
D196F10.1 Data (Wave 2) .csv 480286 Download file
D196F11 Data (Wave 2) .rda 8867464 Download file
D196F11.1 Data (Wave 2) .csv 31879716 Download file
D196F12 Data (LAI requests) .rda 59113 Download file
D196F12.1 Data (LAI requests) .csv 146531 Download file
D196F13 Data (LAI requests) .rda 91831 Download file
D196F13.1 Data (LAI requests) .csv 202289 Download file
D196F14 Data (LAI requests) .rda 84053 Download file
D196F14.1 Data (LAI requests) .csv 186511 Download file
D196F15 Estimates from identifiable data .rdata 250 Download file
D196F15.1 Estimates from identifiable data (preservation format - part 1) .csv 59 Download file
D196F15.2 Estimates from identifiable data (preservation format - part 2) .csv 36 Download file
D196F16 Estimates from identifiable data .rdata 397860 Download file
D196F16.1 Estimates from identifiable data (preservation format) .csv 17602248 Download file
D196F17 Program file (functions) .R 26644 Download file
D196F18 Program file (Wave 1 recoding and analysis) .R 32906 Download file
D196F19 Program file (Wave 2 recoding and analysis) .R 23429 Download file
D196F20 Program file .R 5062 Download file
D196F21 Program file (Wave 1 outputs) .R 14672 Download file
D196F22 Program file (Wave 2 outputs) .R 15897 Download file
D196F23 Program file (combined waves output) .R 1228 Download file
D196F24 Program file (local analysis) .R 13053 Download file
D196F25 Program file (presidential analysis) .R 20362 Download file
D196F26 Program file (descriptive data) .R 3045 Download file
D196F27 Program file (analysis, Appendix H) .R 15628 Download file
D196F28 Program file (analysis, Appendix I) .R 7827 Download file
D196F29 Codebook .pdf 326437 Download file
D196F30 Workspace - R project .Rproj 205 Download file
D196F31 Computing environment description .html 631798 Download file
D196F31.1 Computing environment description .pdf 100498 Download file
D196F32 Replication zip file .zip 23404425 Download file
D196F33 Curation README .txt 1530 Download file
D196F34 Metadata (DDI 3.2) .xml 1580529 Download file