COVID-19 Local and Provincial Government Survey (LPGS)

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Pande, Rohini, Soledad Artiz Prillaman, Stefano Fiorin and Michael Callen (2023). Replication Materials for, COVID-19 Local and Provincial Government Survey (LPGS). ISPS Data Archive.


Rohini Pande, Soledad Artiz Prillaman, Stefano Fiorin, Michael Callen

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Varies by survey round; please refer to the user manual for details
The first and second survey round covered 115 municipalities, 77 districts and 7 provinces before we extended the sample frame to include all 753 municipalities in survey rounds 3 and 4. We selected the municipalities for rounds 1 and 2 to coincide with the sample of the previous Federalism Capacity Needs Assessment (FCNA) survey conducted by Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC), Georgia State University, World Bank, and UNDP in 2019.
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No randomization
COVID-19 survey with local government officials (mayor, deputy mayor and CAO)
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COVID-19 response
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Data file numbersort descending Description File format Size File url
D202F01 LPGS user reference and codebook .pdf 1448890 Download file
D202F02 LPGS-1 Questionnaire .pdf 156887 Download file
D202F03 LPGS-2 Mayor Questionnaire .pdf 189572 Download file
D202F04 LPGS-2 Deputy Mayor Questionnaire .pdf 198879 Download file
D202F05 LPGS-2 CAO Questionnaire .pdf 183088 Download file
D202F06 LPGS-3 Mayor Questionnaire .pdf 200382 Download file
D202F07 LPGS-3 Deputy Mayor Questionnaire .pdf 194368 Download file
D202F08 LPGS-3 CAO Questionnaire .pdf 226856 Download file
D202F09 LPGS-4 .pdf 210066 Download file
D202F10 LPGS-1 Mayor Data .dta 524960 Download file
D202F11 LPGS-1 Deputy Mayor Data .dta 546410 Download file
D202F12 LPGS-1 CAO Data .dta 553010 Download file
D202F13 LPGS-2 Mayor Data .dta 807855 Download file
D202F14 LPGS-2 Deputy Mayor Data .dta 940791 Download file
D202F15 LPGS-2 CAO Data .dta 627952 Download file
D202F16 LPGS-3 Mayor Data .dta 746123 Download file
D202F17 LPGS-3 Deputy Mayor Data .dta 697782 Download file
D202F18 LPGS-3 CAO Data .dta 737243 Download file
D202F19 LPGS-4 Data .dta 2108556 Download file
D202F20.1 Do-file to merge panel data rounds 1 - 4 .txt 819 Download file
D202F21 Metadata (DDI 3.2) .xml 6469894 Download file