Does Digital Advertising Affect Vote Choice? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment

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Alexander Coppock, Donald P. Green, and Ethan Porter (2022). Replication Materials for, Does Digital Advertising Affect Vote Choice? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment. ISPS Data Archive.


Ethan Porter, Donald P. Green, Alexander Coppock

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Florida congressional districts 15, 16, 26, and 27
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Geo: other
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We drop precinct-ZIP code pairs that account for less than 10% of voters putatively residing within a given ZIP code. In the main analysis, we exclude precincts that overlap ZIP code boundaries.
Randomization procedure: 
We followed a blocked-and-clustered random assignment procedure. We grouped ZIP codes into matched trios according to their precinct size. Blocking on cluster size reduces the threat of bias when cluster sizes are uneven. ZIP codes could be assigned to one of three conditions: a control condition (N = 104) or one of two advertisement conditions (N = 53 each).
Substantively, the two treatment ads were very similar. Both featured pro-gun control messages that criticized the Republican party for their support of anti-gun control policies. The ads attempted to persuade viewers to vote for Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections because of their position on guns. In one of the ads, guns conspicuously dangle from teachers’ hips as Trump is heard to proclaim “the end of gun-free school zones.” In the other ad, a student texts his mother while his school is locked down during an active shooter incident. Neither of the ads reference specific campaigns or candidates; instead, they direct viewers’ attention to the partisan differences on gun control policy.
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Web delivered
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vote share
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