Response Options and the Measurement of Political Knowledge

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Suggested citation: 

Bullock, J., & Rader, K. (2021). Replication Materials for, Response Options and the Measurement of Political Knowledge. ISPS Data Archive.


Kelly Rader, John G. Bullock

Research design: 
Field Date: 
2017-03-14 - 2017-03-30
Location details: 
Unit of observation: 
Sample size: 
US adults
Randomization procedure: 
Simple random assignment to five conditions
Difficulty of political knowledge questions
Treatment administration: 
Web delivered
Outcome measures: 
political knowledge
Archive date: 
Terms of use: 

ISPS Data Archive: Terms of Use.

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D188F01 Readme .txt 7379 Download file
D188F02 Data file - original survey data .csv 7546317 Download file
D188F03 Data file - original survey data (race) .xlsx 55821 Download file
D188F03.1 Data file - original survey data (race) .csv 68020 Download file
D188F04 Data file - weights .csv 89354 Download file
D188F05 Data file - CPS .xml 62363 Download file
D188F05.1 Data file - CPS .csv 9416869 Download file
D188F06 Data file - question history .csv 63056 Download file
D188F07 Data file - ANES 2000 .csv 424777 Download file
D188F08 Data file - ANES 2008 .csv 221320 Download file
D188F09 Data file - ANES 2012 .csv 513903 Download file
D188F10 Data file - EGSS .csv 65224 Download file
D188F11 Program file - Batch (Windows) .bat 3221 Download file
D188F12 Program file - Batch (Mac/Linux) .sh 3475 Download file
D188F12.1 Program file - Batch (both formats) - Preservation .txt 6710 Download file
D188F13 Program file (functions) .R 781 Download file
D188F14 Program file (functions) .R 2987 Download file
D188F15 Program file (create weights) .R 5399 Download file
D188F16 Program file (coding) .R 35385 Download file
D188F17 Program file (analysis) .R 4868 Download file
D188F18 Program file - Figure 1 .R 38602 Download file
D188F19 Program file - Table 1 .R 8822 Download file
D188F20 Program file - Table 2 .R 37108 Download file
D188F21 Program file - Figure A1 .R 9419 Download file
D188F22 Program file - Table A1 .R 10984 Download file
D188F23 Program file - Table A5 .R 4823 Download file
D188F24 Program file - Table A10 .R 4365 Download file
D188F25 Program file - Table A11 .R 10939 Download file
D188F26 Curator README .txt 1684 Download file
D188F27 Metadata (DDI 3.2) .xml 1274943 Download file