A 2 Million-Person, Campaign-Wide Field Experiment Shows How Digital Advertising Affects Voter Turnout

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Aggarwal, M., Allen, J., Coppock, A. et al. (2023). Replication Materials for, ‘A 2 Million-Person, Campaign-Wide Field Experiment Shows How Digital Advertising Affects Voter Turnout.’ https://hdl.handle.net/10079/f88c75bf-5d6d-41fd-889d-f04a301a3be0. ISPS Data Archive.


Sylvan Zheng, Andrew Beasley, Solomon Messing, Harry Hartman, James Barnes, Kelly Zhang, Jennifer Allen, Alexander Coppock, Minali Aggarwal, Dan Frankowski

Research design: 
Field Date: 
2020-02 - 2020-11
Location details: 
Online in the United States
Unit of observation: 
Sample size: 
Between 18 and 55 years old, have a college education score below 50 and presidential turnout score above 20
Randomization procedure: 
Simple random assignment
Treatment administration: 
Web delivered
Outcome measures: 
Voter turnout
Archive date: 
Terms of use: 

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