Behavioral Sciences Workshop: Sendhil Mullainathan (Harvard), “Machine and Human Intelligence”

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Thursday, October 29, 2015 - 4:00pm through 5:15pm
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“Machine and Human Intelligence”

Sendhil Mullainathan, Professor of Economics, Harvard University


Abstract: For a long time, research on artificial intelligence and human intelligence were intimately linked. Since then the fields have largely diverged with machine learning techniques dominating artificial intelligence research and experimental paradigms dominating research on human decision making. In this talk I describe early stage work that attempts to integrate machine and human intelligence. I will discuss two topics: (i) how machine intelligence could help us understand human behavior and (ii) how we might combine human and machine intelligence.

Sendhil Mullainathan is a Professor of Economics at Harvard University. His real passion is behavioral economics. His work runs a wide gamut: the impact of poverty on mental bandwidth; whether CEO pay is excessive; using fictitious resumes to measure discrimination; showing that higher cigarette taxes makes smokers happier; modeling how competition affects media bias; and a model of coarse thinking. His latest research focuses on using machine learning and data mining techniques to better understand human behavior.

The Behavioral Sciences Workshop is an interdisciplinary seminar series featuring speakers of broad appeal in the behavioral sciences, and is held jointly between the Yale departments of Economics, Political Science, Psychology, and the School of Management.

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