Graduate Policy Fellows, 2021

Chloe Sariego is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies. Broadly conceived, her research examines the cultural, social, and historical processes through which bodies, nations, and their borders take shape in the U.S. As an ISPS Graduate Policy Fellow, she will be researching how the use of assisted reproductive technologies in multi-status, queer families impacts the Immigration and Nationality Act’s hetero-normalization of sex-cells in birthright citizenship cases adjudicated in the United States.

Xanni Brown [she/her] is a PhD candidate in the social psychology program, where she studies intergroup relations. Her work focuses on how people perceive and react to threats to racial hierarchy. Before that, she worked as the policy director at a campaign finance reform non-profit. In 2014 she received a B.A. in social studies from Harvard University, where she also played rugby and worked in the Sidanius intergroup psychology lab. 

Paula Calvo is a PhD student in the Economics Department at Yale. Her research focuses on the role of family structure in determining life-cycle outcomes, with a particular focus on women and children. She aims to understand how different policies might affect the type of households that form and the welfare of those living under different family arrangements.

Before coming to Yale she earned a M.S. in Economics at the Universidad de San Andrés in Argentina, and worked as a consultant for the World Bank and the UNCTAD.

Kalisha Dessources Figures is a PhD student in Sociology at Yale University, and a Dean’s Emerging Scholar at the Graduate School of Arts and Science. Her research interests lie at the intersection of race and gender, urban poverty, and social policy, with specific focus on the ways in which the education and justice systems produce inequality for youth of color.  

Ramon Garibaldo Valdez is a PhD candidate working on issues around social movements, immigration, and ethnographic methods. His research looks at the ways that immigrant communities in the U.S. actively resist – both through political mobilization and every-day defiance – the marginalizing experiences produced by the U.S. immigration policy regime. Taking an ethnographic approach, his work disrupts common treatments of immigration policy and academic research by centering the voices of unauthorized migrants.

Molly Harris is a PhD student in History. Broadly, Molly is interested in the social and political contours of late-twentieth century environmental and public health history. As an ISPS Fellow, she will investigate how government and corporate partners, community and labor organizers, and private foundations attempted to address the myriad public health threats inherent to the coal mining communities of Kentucky and West Virginia between the late 1960s and the mid-1980s.

Doris Kwon is a Ph.D. student at the Yale School of Management. She is interested in examining the evolution of jobs and its effect on economic inequality. Her current research focuses on how the transferability of skills has changed across different occupations. Prior to joining Yale, Doris worked at Deutsche Bank as a financial analyst. She received a B.A. and M.S. in Business from Seoul National University.

Anne Mishkind is a doctoral candidate in the Political Science department with research interests in education policy, civic subject formation, history of political thought, feminist social epistemology, and postcolonial studies. Her ISPS Policy Fellows project analyzes the language, discourse, and rhetoric of school behavior management policies, specifically the rules, norms, surveillance techniques, risk-management procedures, and behavioral strategies that together govern and regulate the school environment.

Sourav Sinha is a PhD candidate in the Economics Department at Yale. He studies labor market policies aimed at addressing disparities between men and women, and among other groups of labor force participants. His current research investigates how transparency about own and peer salaries and workplace social norms about privacy affect workers’ earnings. As an ISPS fellow, Sourav will study whether strategic dissemination of private earnings information helps or hurts the gender pay gap.

Thaddeus Talbot is a J.D. candidate at Yale Law School. His research focuses on issues of federalism and criminal law. As an ISPS Graduate Policy fellow, Thaddeus will write about the interplay between federal and state criminal prosecutions of cases involving firearms. He currently serves as an editor on the Yale Law Journal.

Brittany Torrez is a doctoral student in Organizational Behavior at the Yale School of Management. Her research examines the psychological processes that contribute to the reproduction of race and class inequality in the workplace. Currently, her work investigates ways to implement effective diversity and inclusion policies in organizations to promote intraminority solidarity and support for Black employees.

Sam Zacher is a political science PhD student studying American political economy, the influence of organized groups, and climate politics. Outside of school, he engages in local political organizing, co-edits The Trouble magazine, and enjoys playing basketball.