How to be Helpful: Building Relationships for Social Impact

Working for social impact often requires collaboration among social scientists, practitioners, advocates, community members, policy-makers, and others. This workshop will explain how people with diverse forms of expertise can seamlessly learn from each other, particularly those working to understand and solve complex social problems.

This interactive workshop helps people solve a common problem that arises in working relationships between people with diverse forms of knowledge: self-censorship. People do not always feel comfortable sharing their concerns and what they know. Yet when people don’t share, the major benefit of diverse interactions is lost. And we often don’t realize it because self-censorship is not observable. In this workshop participants learn techniques for reducing self-censorship in their own working relationships, and for facilitating new ones between others that minimize self-censorship as well. Read more about research4impact.

photo of Adam Seth LevineThe workshop is taught by Professor Adam Seth Levine, Cornell University.

Wednesday, February 26, 3-5pm at ISPS Room A002

Registration is required. Please register here.

The workshop is open to ISPS affiliates: student fellows, postdocs, and interested faculty.