A new book by Philip Smith on incivility (Cambridge University Press)

A new book, “Incivility: The Rude Stranger in Everyday Life,” by Philip Smith, Professor of Sociology, Co-Director of the Center for Cultural Sociology at Yale University, and ISPS Associated Faculty, has been published by Cambridge University Press. Co-authored with Timothy L. Phillips and Ryan D. King.

About the book:  Has anyone ever pushed in front of you in a queue? Stolen your parking space? Talked on their mobile phone during a film at the cinema? In our everyday lives we all encounter rude and inconsiderate people. This unique book provides the first ever systematic investigation of typical encounters with rudeness. Through a meticulous analysis of over 500 events it maps out what people experience as rude, where and when this happens, and what takes place in the exchange between the participants. The inquiry further charts the emotional and social consequences of rudeness and victimization, with the results challenging the widespread assumption that bad behaviour is toxic to community life. In conclusion the study draws upon its findings and surveys a range of strategies for reducing the level of incivility in everyday life, identifying some simple and innovative solutions. Incivility will appeal to criminologists, sociologists and scholars of urban studies.