Five datasets added to ISPS Data Archive

Five datasets were added to the ISPS Data Archive, bringing the total of studies available to twenty.

The studies are:
1. Arceneaux, Kevin , Alan S. Gerber, and Donald P. Green (2010), A Cautionary Note on the Use of Matching to Estimate Causal Effects: An Empirical Example Comparing Matching Estimates to an Experimental Benchmark, Sociological Methods & Research, 39(2): 256-282.
2. Dunning, Thad, & Lauren Harrison (2010), Cross-cutting Cleavages and Ethnic Voting: An Experimental Study of Cuisinage in Mali, American Political Science Review, 104(1): 21-39.
3. Panagopoulos, Costas & Donald P. Green (Published online August 16, 2010), Spanish-Language Radio Advertisements and Latino Voter Turnout in the 2006 Congressional Elections: Field Experimental Evidence, Political Research Quarterly, doi: 10.1177/1065912910367494.
4. Huber, Gregory A. & John S. Lapinski (2006), The ‘Race Card’ Revisited: Assessing Racial Priming in Policy Contests, American Journal of Political Science, 50(2): 421-440.
5. Green, Donald P., Alan S. Gerber & David W. Nickerson (2003) Getting out the Vote in Local Elections: Results from Six Door-to-Door Experiments, Journal of Politics, 65(4): 1083-1096.

The ISPS Data Archive is a specialized repository with open access to experimental data, metadata, and associated files in the social sciences produced by ISPS researchers. The repository facilitates replication of research findings, further analysis, and teaching. It launched in the Fall of 2010, and currently holds files for 20 studies. Each study in the collection includes data files, program files, metadata records, and supplementary materials.