Visit the Economic Security Index (ESI) Website, Developed by ISPS Reseachers Hacker, Huber, and Schlesinger

The Economic Security Index was developed by ISPS-affiliated researchers Jacob Hacker, Greg Huber and Mark Schlesinger. It shows that economic insecurity disproportionately affects the less advantaged, but has risen substantially for all Americans. The ESI in brief: The Economic Security Index (ESI), sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation, measures the share of Americans who experience at least a 25% drop in their available family income whether due to a decline in income or a spike in medical spending or a combination of the two, and who lack an adequate financial safety net to catch them when they fall. A higher ESI therefore indicates greater insecurity, much as a rising unemployment rate signals a faltering economy. See also a PDF of the findings and a PDF about the technical construction of the ESI.