ISPS Shares Concern About NSF Cuts to Political Science Research

Blog contributor 

Like many institutions that support and nurture the work of political scientists, ISPS is deeply concerned about the recent cuts in National Science Foundation funding for work in the field. Despite some potentially permissive loopholes, these cuts will harm the American Political Science Association (APSA) and political science graduate education, as well as direct research.

Jeffrey C. Isaac, has a new article with an interesting perspective: While arguing strongly for continued NSF funding, he suggests that it is also incumbent on political scientists “to make the public meaning of our work clearer and more accessible and thus more publicly valuable and valued.” This is precisely what ISPS seeks to do. Whatever future decisions are made with regard to these cuts, ISPS will continue to foster advanced and engaged social science.

Update – The Guardian also ran a relevant article last week by Matthew Goodwin on: How academics can engage with policy: 10 tips for a better conversation.