Hacker, Huber and Co-Authors on the Economic Security Index

A new article in the Review of Income and Wealth by J. Hacker, G. Huber, M. Schlesinger and co-authors focuses on the design of the Economic Security Index (ESI) and the issues it raises for theory and research. The ESI measures the share of Americans who experience large declines in their “available household income”. The authors find that the since the mid-1980s, financial insecurity has risen for all groups, and also find substantial disparity among certain subgroups.

The Economic Security Index is an ongoing research project at ISPS, funded by Rockefeller Foundation, led by Jacob Hacker with a multi-disciplinary group including Gregory Huber  and Mark Schlesinger  of Yale; Austin Nichols or Urban Institute; Philipp Rehm of Ohio State; Rob Valletta of San Francisco Federal Reserve; and Research Associate, Stuart Craig of Yale.