Jacob Hacker on Obamacare’s Rocky Rollout (Moyers & Co., PBS)

Updated: December 5, 2013

Jacob Hacker, ISPS Director, was interviewed by Moyers & Company’s Joshua Holland about his take on recent events.

Here are some select quotes: 

On the filibuster rule change: “We’ve moved in the direction of greater democracy. I think it’s one small step for Democrats, and one giant leap for democracy.”

On the rollout of “Obamacare”: “This has been a huge, huge fiasco, and I think people should recognize that. Those who are supportive of the law, like me, should acknowledge it, but we should also step back and put this into some perspective.”

On the progressive agenda: “There’s got to be some attention to the larger problem of the lack of faith in government, rather than the selling of specific policies… My view is that we will have greater faith in government when we have greater faith in American democracy.”

The interview was published on November 27, 2013.

Listen to the Joshua Holland show, Politics and Reality Radio (podcast MP3 file)

Professor Hacker was also interviewed on PBS’ News Hour:

“The ACA roll-out has raised questions on where the government should draw the line in the personal welfare of its citizens. How does the new health care law complicate the ideas of individual rights and collective responsibilities? Jeffrey Brown talks to Jacob Hacker of Yale University and Avik Roy of the Manhattan Institute.”

View the video here.

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