Schlesinger and Co-Authors on the First Year of the ACA

Mark Schlesinger and co-authors look behind the scenes at year one in the ACA rollout. In a report for Kaiser Health, “Taking Stock and Taking Steps: A Report from the Field after the First Year of Marketplace Consumer Assistance under the ACA,” the authors look at the challenges facing the Marketplace Assisters, the workers who are responsible for implementing the health insurance exchange. The workers describe the “insurance literacy” of the public as a barrier, as most consumers are unfamiliar with the basic workings of insurance – premiums, deductibles, and cost-sharing subsidies. 

The brief — written by Mark Schlesinger of Yale University and Rachel Grob of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, along with Karen Pollitz of the Kaiser Family Foundation and Lori Grubstein of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation — was published Oct. 1.

Read here for full report.

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