Vesla Weaver Receives Grant from Russell Sage Foundation

The Russell Sage Foundation has recently awarded a grant to Vesla Weaver and Jennifer Hochschild (Harvard) for their project entitled, “They Treat Us Like a Different Race: A Multi-City Project on Class-in-Race Inequality.” The project will be using data from over three decades in the American National Election Study to look at why affluent blacks and Latinos are less supportive of redistributive policies in the late 2000s than their predecessors were in the 1980s, though class polarization has not chipped away at group solidarity or commitment to policies that explicitly help blacks and Latinos.

The RSF funds will allow the researchers to undertake case studies in four cities as well as a 10-city survey of Americans. Velsa Weaver is Assistant Professor of African American Studies and Political Science, a resident faculty fellow at ISPS, and is heading up the new ISPS Center for the Study of Inequality (I-CSI).

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