Eitan Hersh on Voter Access and on Targeting Voters

Publication date 
November 4, 2015

Off year elections have low turnout and Democrats prefer it that way, writes Eitan Hersh in "How Democrats Suppress the Vote," published in FiveThirtyEight.

Across the country, school boards and municiple offices are up for election in off years-- those years that are not held concurrent with congressional and presidential elections. These elections tend to bring out fewer voters in general, but more voters with a particular interest, such as city workers and and teacher unions, that give Democratic candidates the advantage.

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Also listen to a podcast with Eitan Hersh on his book "Hacking the Electorate." Hersh explains what political campaigns do with the data they collect; how varied that data collection is from state to state; and how campaigns see voters from this data.




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Political Behavior