Jacob Hacker’s New Book “American Amnesia” Just Released

Publication date 
March 29, 2016

(Updated April 18, 2016)

ISPS Director Jacob Hacker and co-author Paul Pierson have just released their new book, “American Amnesia: How How the War on Government Led Us to Forget What Made America Prosper” (Simon & Schuster).

This timely and topical book is a vigorous defense of government¹s essential role in advancing our health, wealth, and well-being. To get and keep prosperity, the authors argue, you need strong effective government as well as dynamic competitive markets. You need, in a phrase, a “mixed economy” in which the strong thumb of government and nimble fingers of the market each play a vital role. They show that Adam Smith and all of the leading Founders – Hamilton, Madison, even Jefferson – understood how vital effective public authority is. And they show that it was precisely because the United States created a mixed economy roughly a century ago that we escaped the widespread poverty, bad health, and limited education of our ancestors. What made these successful policies possible, they argue, was a broad political coalition that included Republicans and major segments of the business community. Unfortunately, this coalition has unraveled, and our society is paying the price – falling behind the pace of social improvement not just of our own past, but also of other affluent democracies today. Nonetheless, they argue, the mixed economy can be reconstituted for a new century with the right political and economic reforms and, perhaps even more important, with a renewed understanding of how vital a strong effective government is to long-term prosperity.

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