Adam Chekroud’s ‘Spring’ a Top Digital Healthcare Start Up

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September 19, 2016
“Spring” has recently been accepted into the 2016 New York Digital Accelerator, placing it in the top six digital healthcare startups in the country. Spring is a new mental healthcare project that helps patients suffering from depression connect with the proper medication. Spring uses an online data-driven, evidence-based questionnaire, that seeks to connect a patient’s symptoms with the proper antidepressant quickly and more accurately than going through the usual trial-and-error method of testing out antidepressants. 
The start up is the brainchild of Adam Chekroud, an ISPS Graduate Policy Fellow working on his PhD in Psychology, and two other Yale students: April Koh, who was a Computer Science and Sociology major and Abhishek Chandra, who was a Computer Science and Economics major.
2016 New York Digital Health Accelerator is run by the Partnership Fund for NYC.
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