Director’s Message: October 2016

Publication date 
October 31, 2016

It’s election season, and our experts are sizzling. Start with Eitan Hersh’s two blockbuster studies: one on how doctors’ partisanship affects their treatment decisions (more than you might think); the second on mixed-party marriages (more than you might think). Meanwhile, Alan Gerber discusses his pioneering research on GOTV, Andy Papachristos takes on the uber-topical issue of police violence in black communities, Alex Coppock analyzes rather than opines about whether there’s a “silent majority” for Trump, and I do some analyzing and opining about government’s role in producing prosperity and about the need for a public insurance option in health care. Finally, we are opening the application process for Director’s Fellows on November 10. So sophomores and juniors with policy interests, let’s “Get-Out-the-Applications”