Director’s Message: December 2016

Publication date 
December 22, 2016

The big news for the new year is that ISPS is formally launching an exciting new experiment—a student-focused university-community partnership that we are calling THE YALE POLICY LAB. Situated in our newly renovated historic building at 77 Prospect Street and directed by star sociologist Andrew Papachristos, THE YALE POLICY LAB will focus on understanding and addressing some of the toughest policy challenges facing New Haven, as well as the state and national levels. In doing so, it will offer Yale College students stimulating opportunities for data-driven policy investigation, specialized skill development, and engagement with policymaking that no other part of Yale offers. While waiting for the lab’s late-January launch, take a look at the great work our fellows and faculty are already doing, from Gina Roussos’s psychological take on Trump’s victory, to Steve Skowronek’s revisiting of his famous theory of presidents in light of that victory, to the continuing attention to Zack Cooper and Fiona Scott Morton’s blockbuster study of “surprise” emergency room bills. Happy Holidays!