Jacob Hacker as a Panelist at the 2016 Economic Security Summit (Video)

Publication date 
October 14, 2016

(Updated October 19, 2016)

On Tuesday, October 18, The Aspen Institute  gathered a group of experts for the panel discussion:

“Economic Insecurity, American Values, & the Politics of Resentment in the 2016 Election” (Video)

Jacob Hacker, Director of Institution for Social and Policy Studies
Stan Greenberg, Chairman and CEO, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research
Heather McGhee, President, Demos
J.D. Vance, Author, Hillbilly Elegy, and Principal, Mithril Capital Management, LLC

Moderated by: Mickey Edwards, Director, Aspen Institute Rodel Fellowships in Public Leadership


The 2016 election has been a stunning departure from recent Presidential elections, with deep divisions in both parties and widespread skepticism that those in power have any interest or ability to make meaningful reforms. Are the anger, resentment, racial animus, and pessimism that have become so pervasive reflective of economic insecurity, or are there other forces at work as well? Do the dramatic changes in the U.S. economy, culture, technology, demographics, and politics reflect a fundamental shift in American values? Do they need to be restored or refashioned as a predicate for addressing economic insecurity and inequality?