ISPS Director Fellow, Valentina Guerrero, Receives Junior Prize

Publication date 
May 11, 2018

Valentina Guerrero, a current ISPS Director’s Fellow, has received an Outstanding Junior Award. 

From Yale News:

Valentina epitomizes the spirit of altruism and social service, the qualities recognized by the John C. Schroeder Award. An American studies major with a concentration in politics and American communities, she has served as a clinical intern and as research assistant to the director of the Harvard Law School Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program; as a legal interpreter for the Yale Law School Worker and Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic; and as a policy research intern for the Civil Rights Center of the United States Department of Labor. In addition to being selected as a head aide and a 2018–2019 first-year counselor in Pierson College, she has also a head outreach fellow at the Dwight Hall Center for Public Service and Social Justice; as a harvest leader for the Yale Sustainable Food Program; as founder of the Yale Chapter of the Student/Farmworker Alliance; as Membership Chair in Latina Women at Yale; as founder and president of the Yale Latinx Pre-Law Society; as a Student Advisory Board member for the Yale Center for Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration; and as a member on the President’s Committee on Racial/Ethnic Harassment. Add to all this her involvement in local faith communities and charitable work and it becomes clear that Valentina has already made a deep imprint on Pierson, Yale, New Haven, and the world. Because of her indefatigable labor for the cause of justice, Valentina is an eminently worthy recipient of the Schroeder Award.