Ryan Liu ‘18 Writes on the SFFA Lawsuit

Publication date 
October 22, 2018

Former ISPS Director’s Fellow Ryan Liu ‘18 writes an opinion piece on the Students for Fair Admissions lawsuit alleging that Harvard’s affirmative action admissions process discriminates against for Asian-Americans.

In the article published by NBC News, “Affirmative Action at Harvard Doesn’t Hurt Most Asian-Americans, Because We More Often Go To Community Colleges,” Liu speaks from his own experience as an Asian-American and first-generation college student who came to Yale via Pasadena Community College.

“In some states, such as my home state of California, the majority of Asian-American students attend community college,” he writes. He also points out how community colleges are a pathway to college for many poorer students and that more effort should be made by the government to fund them properly.

As an ISPS Director’s Fellow at Yale, Liu was a political science major working on education policy. He is now continuing his work at Oxford University where he is studying for a Master of Science in Higher Education. This past summer he spoke at the “Beating the Odds” Summit hosted by Michele Obama.  Moreover, he wrote this essay for Forbes “Why I’ll Graduate From Yale But Owe It To Community College.”

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