Special Event Feb. 26: Workshop on “Building Relationships for Social Impact”

Publication date 
February 19, 2020

“When do ordinary citizens become engaged in civic and political life, and with what impact? How can social science be useful to nonprofits seeking social change?” As part of our ongoing Policy-Related Skills Development, ISPS will host a special interactive workshop, “How to be Helpful: Building Relationships for Social Impact,” led by Professor Adam Levine.

Working for social impact often requires collaboration among social scientists, practitioners, advocates, community members, policy-makers, and others. This workshop will explain how people with diverse forms of expertise can seamlessly learn from each other, particularly those working to understand and solve complex social problems.

Adam Seth Levine is an Associate Professor of Government at Cornell University. He is also the president and co-founder of research4impact, a nonprofit that fosters meaningful collaborations between researchers and practitioners. He applies the findings from his work on the usefulness of social science directly to research4impact along with publishing them in peer-reviewed journals.

Registration is required; please register at this link.