Former ISPS Director Awarded DeVane Medal

July 9, 2021

Professor Joseph LaPalombara has been awarded the DeVane Medal for stellar teaching and scholarship. LaPalombara has had more than a 50-year career at Yale, teaching classes in the political science department and SOM until 2019. He twice served as chair of the political science department and was the Director of ISPS from 1987 to 1991.

As a specialist in comparative political theory, group interest theory, the dynamics of bureaucratic politics, and the political significance of multinational corporations, he has written numerous books and articles. He is an American authority on Italian politics, with his most notable book published in 1988, Democracy, Italian Style. 

Yale News article 

“Generations of students and colleagues have found him to be a remarkable and constructive reader of their work. And when the university community needed him, [he] was always there, pressing those in authority to make Yale live up to its best traditions and highest aspirations.”