Macroeconomic Policy & Economic Growth

Zachary Liscow is Professor of Law at Yale Law School. His wide-ranging work in law and economics currently covers tax policy, benefit-cost analysis, and infrastructure construction costs.  He is particularly interested in developing cost-effective policies to address inequality and understanding what drives the high costs of building U.S. infrastructure. He has also worked in a variety of other areas, including environmental policy and empirical legal studies.

Emily Sellars
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Emily Sellars comes to Yale as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. Sellars’ research interests are at the intersection of comparative political economy, development economics, and economic history. Her dissertation, “Essays on Emigration and Politics,” received the 2017 Mancur Olson Award for the best dissertation in political economy defended in the previous two years. Currently, she is working on several papers to be published in The Journal of Politics and the Journal of Development Economics.

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